62nd Annual Detroit Bishop's Dinner

Thank you for contributing to the 62nd Annual Detroit Bishop’s Dinner.  Your gift allows Guest House to continue to provide our clergy, women and men religious and seminarians with the quality care they deserve for their recovery that will allow them to return to their vocational communities. Your gift to the Virtual Bishop’s Dinner is 100% tax-deductible as allowed by law.  


To make a donation

  1. Select the amount you wish to donate (or click on “Other Amount” and fill in the box)
  2. Click the “Donate Now” button


If you would like to purchase Sponsorship to the Bishop’s Dinner

  1. Click on "Other Amount"
  2. Fill in the dollar amount of the Sponsorship you are purchasing (See Sponsorship Levels)
  3. Type the name of the sponsorship level you selected in the "Sponsorship" box


Sponsorship Levels 


  • Papal Sponsor | $20,000
  • Cardinal Sponsor | $15,000
  • Archbishop Sponsor | $10,000
  • Bishop Sponsor | $7,500
  • Monsignor Sponsor | $2,500
  • Monsignor Virtual Sponsor | $2,500
  • Austin Ripley Sponsor | $2,000


If you would like additional details about the event, please contact Mary Lou Cochran at (248) 393-8968 or mlcochran@guesthouse.org.



62nd Annual Detroit Bishop's Dinner
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